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“We know full well that we can’t fix climate change on our own.”

In recent elections, the climate crisis has crept its way further and further up the agenda – now, the majority of people polled in...

“We now have these mountains of wetwipes; the Thames is essentially collecting them for...

Between 2017 and 2018, 78% of the rubbish found in Thames tributaries and tidal sites were single-use items – most of the single-use items still...

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Watch on demand: Climate & Environment Emergency – RAPID RESPONSE

Join SERA online for one of their largest programmes at Labour Party Conference ever. 'Climate & Environment Emergency: RAPID RESPONSE' is a programme of...


PATHWAYS FROM HOMELESSNESS 2019 Rethinking Housing & Health Live Stream: Wednesday 13th & Thursday 14th March 2019 Watch selected highlights from Pathways from Homelessness 2019: This annual symposium...

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The EU is preparing for the UK to leave. Really. Somehow the UK side still fails to see this.

In the period immediately after the Brexit referendum I often heard the line from pro-Brexit people in the UK that it would only be a matter of time before the EU would be begging the UK to somehow stay in the European Union writes...

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