This week Pathway, the UK’s leading homeless healthcare charity, celebrated their 10th Anniversary with their annual symposium – Pathways from Homelessness 2020.

The closing session of the conference was amended to allow Dr Al Story, Clinical Lead and Manager for Find&Treat and Professor Andrew Hayward, UCL Director of Epidemiology to give a briefing on the implications of COVID-19 for homeless populations.

They conclude that a dramatic change in service delivery is likely to be necessary, and that making this happen will require a radical step up in service planning and delivery, with serious system leadership and funding.

Please note this is not official Public Health England or NHS advice, which is still being prepared, but this is the latest available expert view from professionals working in the field.

Watch Professor Andrew Hayward’s presentation on the science and epidemiology of COVID-19. 

Watch Dr Al Story give his thoughts on practical responses to the epidemic for homeless populations.

Further information will follow once official guidance has been published.