Living Streets’ National Walking Summit 2022 – Call for Papers


To complement the key themes of the conference, we are seeking case studies or research presentations particularly, but not exclusively, on the following topics:

  • How to break down barriers and create better places to walk, play and rest in areas of deprivation (eg investment in low traffic neighbourhoods, behaviour change programmes and walking infrastructure).
  • Listening to marginalised voices (eg people for whom the street environment may be inaccessible or unsafe) in street design or community development projects.
  • Projects or research that have a particular focus on protected characteristics (eg gender, race or disability) and place-making.
  • Cross-sectoral approaches (eg transport and public health) to creating healthier, inclusive and safer streets for walking.
  • Projects that challenge what ‘good design’ looks like – stepping behind the headlines (eg of bus stop bypasses and continuous footway) to address the limitations and opportunities to providing fully inclusive pedestrian and cycling infrastructure.

Submit a summary of your project or presentation by completing the form below you will need to have your abstract ready to upload.

National Walking Summit 2022 - Submit a presentation

  • Please upload your 250 word outline here in pdf or word format (pdf, doc, docx) along with any accompanying images (jpeg, jpg, png)
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