Plastic pollution is pervasive.  Plastic is found in all kinds of unexpected places – from car tyres to face scrubs.  Charities Hubbub and Fairyland Trust estimate that Halloween costumes in the UK this year alone will add ‘83 million bottles worth of plastic pollution’ to the world – almost half of these costumes will only be worn once.  It’s easy to feel outraged about plastic-wrapped vegetables but it will be much harder to give up the impulse to buy new plastic Christmas decorations come December.


Julian Kirby is part of the Friends of the Earth’s Plastic Campaign. Contrary to those who argue that the issue of plastic pollution distracts from the Climate Emergency, at SERA’s recent event in Brighton, Julian Kirby said that “more than 99% of plastic is made from fossil fuels. The plastic pollution crisis is very much part of the climate crisis.

Watch his full presentation above.

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