How can Conference, Communication and Marketing Professionals continue to create successful, engaging and productive events in the era of COVID-19?

Join Narrowcast Media Group on the mornings of the 4th and 5th of June to find out what the future might hold and how to master new hybrid event models.

Over 4 sessions across two morning Narrowcast Media Group will host this online programme and take you through the range of different formats for face to face and hybrid events and the organisational, budgeting and planning changes that need addressing.

  • Equip you to get through this crisis and prepare for the future.
  • You will finish this programme with a better understanding of how to retain and reuse the high value content created and often lost in traditional events.
  • You will learn how to capture that content and how to make it into new revenue.
  • You will learn what new teams set ups and skills mix are needed.
  • You will be better informed what to attempt in house and what to outsource.
  • How to approach conferences and events as a publishing challenge not a logistical project.
  • How to create digital output with a life of its own and revenue potential.
  • How to bring your clients, speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and delegate audiences along with you on a journey to new integrated hybrid formats.

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Contributors include:

  • Neil Stewart, CEO Neil Stewart Associates
  • Damian Hutt, Executive Director and Founder of the Association of Association Executives
  • Richard Angell, COO & Editor Narrowcast Media Group
  • Debra Murray, Marketing Executive, Narrowcast Media Group

These two morning programmes will show you how to translate existing audiences to online and hybrid events. How to open up new publishing and engagement channels for associations and businesses.

Conferences and trade shows have been a key tool for communications, policy campaigns, membership bodies and marketing plans since the Great Exhibition in 1851.

Association, professional and trade conferences evolved into highly specialised target marketing and niche communities and are business critical for many organisations and associations in their business cycle.

Now events have to make the leap into online production, publishing and hybrid digital combined with face to face formats when public health policy allows.

Event and communications executives know that is not as straightforward as it appeared with the first Zoom meeting.

Profiling services, engaging members, launching new products, communicating key information and sector intelligence need research and presentation Done well they are highly effective, done badly they waste resources and damage reputations.
Neil Stewart Associates have been producing hybrid events for over 10 years. The digital platforms have been provided by Narrowcast Media Group and its predecessor, Policy Review TV.

Attendee at an earlier event in this series, Jess Gallacher, Engagement & Communications Manager, Institution of Lighting Professionals said:
“An interesting event with useful and relevant insights from real experts in event resilience. I highly recommend you attend – it was worth every minute.”

Online and hybrid events do open up new opportunities but are a different production, marketing and economic model.

  • Moving beyond firefighting in the COVID 19 back to campaign planning
  • Lessons learned from online and hybrid programmes
  • Stepping up from Zoom to relationship building and engagement
  • Segmenting new event models – they are not all the same
  • Opening new marketing and sales formats and content
  • Deciding audience profile – programme models for engagement
  • Creating new revenue streams
  • Pricing and cost sharing
  • Speaker preparation
  • Sponsorship and online partner solutions
  • Publishing and content management
  • Sponsorship & Exhibition solutions

Who should attend?

  • Directors of Policy and Content
  • Directors of Campaigns
  • Conference and Events Producers
  • Association Executives
  • Professional bodies Executives
  • Directors of Marketing
  • Venue and Conference Centre managers
  • Conference service suppliers and professional services

Specialist professional and management online programmes enable delegates to take part at a time of lockdown, save on hotels and travel but cost the same in research and production as other information and business intelligence programmes. They have the advantage of providing a full recording as insurance.

Book with Confidence and ensure you have the information and intelligence to tackle the most difficult period in UK since 1945.


Individual Ticket £80.00 (+VAT)
Team Registration Ticket £240.00 (+VAT)
Association of Association Executive Member £50.00 (+VAT)

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